SEM-237 Bluetooth Transmitter for MP3 (3.5Xjack)


  1. Compatible to all audio sources with 3.5mm jack, such as Mobile phone, MP3, iPod, etc.
  2. Support Bluetooth V1.2 and A2DP profile.
  3. Auto pairing with B/T audio devices, such as B/T headset, speaker, etc.
  4. LED indicator showing the operation status.
  5. Built-in USB port for power charging.
  6. Rechargeable Lithium battery


  1. Operating frequency band : 2.4GHz-2.48GHz unlicensed ism band.
  2. Bluetooth specification: V1.2
  3. Lithium Battery: 120mAh
  4. Transmission power consumption: 50mA
  5. Music playback time: up to 5 hours
  6. Standby time: 200 hours
  7. Built in pairing code: 0000 1234 8888
  8. Size: 20*24.5*14mm

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