RX Stereo Bluetooth Receiver


  1. Compatible to all iPod-docked speakers.
  2. Supporting A2DP Bluetooth devices, such as Mobil phone, PDA, NB, B/T built-in or connected audio players.
  3. Automatic paring feature enables you ¡§plug to enjoy¡¨ the music.
  4. Built-in 3.5 mm line-out port for Hi-Fi extension.
  5. Built-in mini USB port for power supply.


  1. Operating Frequency Band: 2.4GHz~2.48GHz unlicensed ISM band.
  2. Bluetooth Specification: V1.2 , A2DP
  3. Modulation Method : GFSK,1 Mbps, 0.5BT Gaussian
  4. Maximum Data Rate:
    Asynchronous : 723.2k/57.6kbps
    Synchronous : 433.9k/433.9kbps
  5. Receiving Signal Range : -83dbm to -20dbm
  6. Receiving Sensitivity : -83dbm 0.1%BER.
  7. Size(mm) :55*30*10

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