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SEM-A03 Air vent clip w/Garmin ball join SEM-80T (Black) Holder for the device from 40 to 80 MM wide.
SEM-A05 Air vent clip II w/Garmin ball joint SEM-115T (Black) Holder for the device from 45 to 115 MM wide
SEM-D45A 45 Degree bracket and suction cup w/Garmin all joint SEM-150T (Black) Holder for the device from 80 to 150 mm wide
SEM-22A (Black) 22cm flexible bracket with suction cup and Garmin ball joint. SEM-A01 Air vent clip w/360 degree ball head
SEM-R01A Bracket w/Articular bracket arm & Garmin ball Garmin ball joint SEM-R01 Bracket w/articular bracket arm & 360 degree ball head
SEM-CL04SA Lighter socket mount II with Garmin ball joint SEM-D45 45 degree bracket and suction cup w/360 degree ball head
SEM-B05 (6MBB02080) Robust bike mount with flexible bracket and Garmin ball joint SEM-PF02 GPS Antenna bracket w/small suction.
SEM-B01A Bicycle bracket with strap to lace UP & locking tip w/Garmin ball joint SEM-B01 Bicycle bracket with strap to lace up & locking tip w/360 degree swivel head
EM-PSTARA S 360 Degree ball head small bracket w/Garmin all joint SEM-02140 Side mirror robust mount with screw for bike
6MUH05240+ 6MRB02030 Holder for the 7-9" NB +bracket w/Articulare bracket arm & 360 Degree ball head, 85 mm suction cup
SEM-01140 Side mirror mount with strap for bike
6MUH05240+ 6MFB01010 Holder for the 7-9" NB +26 cm flexible bracket w?non-swivel tip & 68 mm suctio cup
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